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Child custody

Compassionate Child Custody Attorney

Divorces, more often than not, lead to lengthy custody battles, with the effects ultimately resting upon the child or children. You need to look for an experienced attorney who has years of experience dealing with custody cases.

Duane D. Silverthorn Attorney At Law will be there for you at every step of the way during your custody battle. He will make sure that the best interests of your child or children and their welfare are served. Don't risk losing custody as a result of a bitter court battle. Contact our Howell or Okemos location to schedule an appointment.

Get Qualified Help Reducing the Stress of Divorce

While divorce is a traumatic process for the entire family, the effects are especially negative when children witness their parents arguing over their custody arrangements - and not thinking about how their behavior towards each other is affecting their kids. 

My approach is to facilitate the divorce and custody in terms where the parents are encouraged to try to reduce the stress of the process for the child's benefit. 

Let  me work with you to help negotiate a custody agreement that continues the bond between you and your child, while keeping their sensitivities and needs in mind.

Work Towards an Agreement

These days, more and more courts are striving to solve custody issues in a non-adversarial manner.

Courts are increasingly likely to punish the adversarial approach to custody, while providing a more favorable outcome to parties who work together for the best interest of their children. Depend on Attorney Silverthorn to help you find an ideal solution for both the parents and children involved.

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Trust an attorney with 32 years of child custody experience!
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