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Caring Family Law Attorney

Family law issues usually have long-lasting implications. The outcome of such cases can affect family members for years, even after the case is closed. This is why you need the services of a compassionate attorney who understands the implications of family law issues and their long term outcome. You can count on Duane D. Silverthorn Attorney at Law to help you find a resolution that protects your rights to a fair resolution of the important issues of property, custody and parenting time.

Duane D. Silverthorn's family law expertise revolves around divorce, separation, and custody rights issues. He will make sure that you approve and understand any agreements made on your behalf and that your important right to a fair settlement are preserved. Visit his Howell or Okemos location today and him show you what he can do for you.

Duane D. Silverthorn Will Represent Your Rights as a Parent

►Parenting Time (Visitation)
►Custody/Change of Domicile
►Child Support modifications and enforcement

Receive a Thorough Legal Consultation

With our FREE initial consultation, Attorney Silverthorn will discuss your pending case and which steps you should take next.

He will ask about any existing documentation, discover what your needs are and assess them, and determine what he can do to help resolve your situation.

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Trust an attorney with 32 years of family law experience!
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